Diamond Guest Program

Diamond Guest Program

DIAMOND GUEST PROGRAM 1.1. Diamond Guest participants lease Grape Creek RV sites for all season, six months from May to November. A Lessee, through their own decision participating unequivocally in Lessor’s Diamond Guest Program will receive 50% of the daily, weekly, or monthly re-rental income (less fees, taxes and electrical usages collected) when not occupying their Leased RV lot, inclusive with MY (Me and You) Concierge resort services.
MY (ME AND YOU) CONCIERGE 2.1. All Diamond Guest resort services at Grape Creek RV Park, Campground and Cabins (“Resort”) are authorized by the LaGree Organization, LLC (“Owner”) and managed by Aspen Leaf Services, LLC (“Lessor”) for Lessee—Diamond Guest, pertain to the Seasonal Lease Agreement for Lessee’s Recreational Vehicle and the RV lot of which it is parked on.
Diamond Guest resort services are provided through coordinated local and trusted sources:

Property and Risk Management

Construction Contractor, Plumber, Electrician, Handyman, Locksmith, Appliances, Electronics, Propane, Satellite, Painter, Windows/Doors/Roof, Heating, Air-conditioning, Storage, Fencing, Landscaper/Grounds, Exterminator, Alarm Company, Fire Department, Forest Service, EMS, Police, Sheriff and Electric/Sewer/Water pertaining to RV

Hospitality and Housekeeping

RV Cleaning, Carpet/Upholstery, Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Clothing Alterations/Repair, Grocer, Personal Shopper, Tutors, Nannies-Babysitter, Dentist, Doctor/Hospital, Therapist, Personal Care, Pet Care

Special Events

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations, Caterer, Florist, Personal Chef

Travel, Tours and Recreation

Local Repairs, Adventure/Activities/Guide(s)/Staff, Holiday Homes, Hotel/Motel/B&B/Lodges, Festivals, Exhibitions, Books, Arts, Local Sports, Entertainment, Restaurants, Reviews, Spas

Lessee shall be responsible for all costs and services from local and trusted sources. Lessor is only a concierge to help coordinate authorized services Lessee may need or desire. Lessor is not responsible for services performed by local and trusted sources and Lessee shall hold Lessor harmless in regards to those services performed on the Premises.